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Linde's comprehensive range of gas products meet the demands of customers across multiple industries involved in gas applications.


Acetylene is a fuel gas that is widely used in various flame cutting and welding processes in fabrication of metals.


Air is widely used with fuel gas for Flame applications and in metallurgical processes.


Argon is commonly used in production, processing and fabrication of metals.

Carbon Dioxide

Industrial grade carbon dioxide has wide applications in steel welding, plasma cutting, and cooling in thermal and plasma spraying. Food grade carbon dioxide has specific applications in modified atmospheric packaging

Dry Ice

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide made by reducing the pressure & temperature of liquid CO2. Widely used in storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive materials and industrial cleaning. For purchase please call 1384 to order.

Helium & Balloon Gas

Helium gas is supplied by Linde in various purities and sizes to suit applications ranging from industrial to lab processes.


Hydrogen is a fuel gas that finds wide applications in heat treatment, as shielding gas in plasma welding and is used with fuel cells.


Industrial grade N2 is widely used in manufacturing and fabrication industry segments for blanketing, purging, inerting, leak testing and laser cutting. Food grade N2 has wide usage in modified atmospheric


Oxygen is commonly used in range of applications including gas welding, combustion, oxidation and life support.

Specialty Gas Mixtures

Linde provides an extensive range of special gas mixtures that is catered for your industry. Contact our local sales personnel for further enquiries.

Welding Gas Mixtures

Shielding gases are a range of pure and multicomponent mixed gases used for shielding in GMAW (MIG/TIG) and FCAW of various ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Selection of correct shielding gases is important

Other Gases

Linde provides an extensive range of special & gases including chemical gases that would suit your applications